DFO Homebush offers two hours of FREE parking for customers.

Please refer to the table below for parking rates:

0 - 2 hours FREE
2 - 3 hours $6
3 - 4 hours $12
4 - 5 hours $22
5 - 6 hours $32
6 hours + $40
Daily rate $40

Our car park has been significantly upgraded with a total of over 2000 spaces including parents with prams and disabled parking, as well as the introduction of our Park Assist program

Park Assist displays a coloured light above each car spot that changes colour, indicating if it is free or taken. We have also introduced a number plate recognition system allowing us to find where customers have parked their car if they need assistance. 

These new car parking systems reduce the time shoppers spend looking for available car spaces, entering and exiting the centre and finding their cars. This reduces stress and leads to a more enjoyable experience whilst also improving safety and reducing the rates of accidents in the car park.

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