Trending at Cotton On

28 Jan 2019

Women’s: Geo Tech
Our global ‘Geo Tech’ trend is all about contrast.

· Pleated skirts are paired with graphic tees & mesh tops to create a ‘pretty-tough’ look.

· Oversized spray jackets & denim bomber jackets are a third statement piece.

· New geometric & neon accents are key also styled back to the 90’s check mini skirt.


Men’s: Chill and Free
With the advent of ‘outdoor fitness’ we see a new dimension in street wear dressing.

· Trend loosely influenced by the health and well being movement mixed in with the flavour of urban street culture.

· Street / sport leisure dressing that can be worn at home or out. This modern day uniform takes from traditional hip-hop culture and popular 90’s trends.

· Joggers are tapered to the cuff styled back with oversized tees, a nod to 90s vintage top of body (looser / boxier fits).

· Our bases are given personality with features such as stripes, cuff bands and taping.

· The 3rd piece comes in the oversized trucker or spray jacket and allows our guy to dress for the trans-seasonal nature of the year.

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