Meat Market The Animal Dining Series

12 Jul 2018

The Animal Dining Series - Meat MarketThe Animal Dining Series - Meat Market

Seppelt and Borrowdale Free Range Pork Wine Dinner

Come join Seppelt Ambassadors over a 3 course dinner for the launch of the Seppelt Great Entertainer and One Mile Drive Range. Enjoy an engaging display from chef Malcolm Williams as he shows why Borrowdale Pork is such a special producer of pork in Australia and how the animal is prepared.

Established in 1851 Seppelt Wines has been at the forefront of Australian winemaking for over 160 years. Through a tradition of expert winemaking and a passion for innovation, Seppelt has paved the way in progressive cool climate style wines; producing Australia’s first sparkling wine, as well as pioneering the iconic sparkling shiraz.

It’s bound to be entertaining night of laughs, great food and iconic wines.

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